Applied Artificial Intelligence

Using the latest machine learning and deep learning tools leads to some interesting outcomes.

Create Features That Facilitate Smart Engagement, Analytics, & Automation For Your App

Implement the edge of what’s possible today into your business.

Implementing AI and Machine Learning can be both powerful and easier than you think. The industry uses a breadth of tools for a number of circumstances to deliver the most powerful artificial intelligence experiences today.

Computer Vision

Implementing computer vision to your software can be easier than you think. The benefits range from expanding on features for user-engagement and security systems, to virtual wardrobes and optimizing user's recommendations and beyond.


Predictive Modeling

Wouldn't it be cool if you could see how likely a sports team was to win a game versus the other? How about getting alerts on when to buy or sell stocks that you track? These examples are real uses cases of machine learning tools in 2020. The question that remains is what your company's use would be.


Apply AI to a New or Existing Software Project

From idea to launch, you can have confidence in your next artificial intelligence features engineered by Fortissimo.

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